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Geographical Area No. 15
20 Franklin Square
New Britain, CT 06051
Criminal Clerk's Office: (860) 515-5080


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New Britain Bail Bonds is on your side.

We have surety bail bond agents, on call 24 hours, near Berlin Police Department Connecticut and
New Britain Superior Court House Connecticut.
Call (860) 970-4760, to consult with a surety bail bond agent about obtaining release for your concerned one. You will not feel hassled or obligated. For frequently asked questions  click here.

Calculate Bail Bond Premium

Bail bond premium is the state regulated fee that the consumer(a person who is interested in getting someone out of jail) pays to purchase a bail bond. Use the bail bond premium calculator to calculate the fee.

About New Britain Bail Bonds

Regardless how small the bond or the time, when ever you're in need of bail bonds you can rely on New Britain Bail Bonds, LLC with trust and dependability.


Monetary obligation, that judicial system uses to insure defendant’s court appearances. A bail bondsman can assume this monetary obligation on behalf of the defendant. For a set fee or premium a bail bond can be purchased from a bail bondman through a civil agreement.

Bail bondsman is a person who is authorized, through licensure from Connecticut Insurance Department, to provide bail bonds.

You will need:

  • ID
  • Premium
  • Cosigner(s)
  • May be collateral

Premium is the state regulated fee that the consumer pays to purchase a bail bond. Use the bond premium calculator. Calculate Bond Premium »

Cosigner is an individual that

  • authorize the bail bondsman to execute the bail bond.
  • Assumes financial responsibility if defendant does not appear in court.
  • Assumes financial responsibility of any unpaid premium.

Collateral is a form of asset, such as real estate or cash, that bail bondsman may request in addition to premium. It is applicable when when defendant lacks certain criteria. All Collateral are returned once court case is finished.

  • Full name and birthdate of the person being held .
  • Name of the facility where the person is being held.

It takes between 10 minutes to an hour at police departments and between 30 minutes to 2 hours at correction facilities.

We accept:

  • Money Order
  • Personal Checks
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (additional fee may apply)